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38: To Catch a Thief (Dental Embezzlement) with David Harris

David Harris founded the company that became Prosperident in 1989, and built it into the world’s largest firm specializing in the investigation of financial crimes committed against dentists. Prosperident’s team of specialized investigators is consulted... Read More
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36: New and Younger Docs with Dr. Gigi Paralkar

Dr. Gi Gi Paralkar attended Boston University and worked for IBM as an IT Consultant for five years prior to following in her father’s footsteps in dentistry. She completed her dental education at Columbia University... Read More
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35: Personal Connections with Dr. Sheldon Salins

Dr. Sheldon Salins is a Board Certified Orthodontist with a Doctorate in Dentistry from Harvard University. Dr. Salins earned his Master of Science degree and completed specialty training in orthodontics at the University of California... Read More

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How to Set Monthly Practice Goals

The first step in setting monthly goals is to determine your annual goal. Growth in your practice can come from either an increase in fees, an increase in starts, or both. In a younger practice,…

Bias to Action

One thing that has quickly become apparent to me in my short time as a business owner is the paramount importance of making decisions and taking action. For many of us, this runs counter to…

Do the Work

Today I would like to review a fantastic and rather brief book called Do the Work, by Steven Pressfield. Some of you may have read his earlier book, The War of Art, which covers similar…

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