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54: Hope Smiles with Dr. Ryan Shinska

Dr. Ryan Shinska is a graduate of the University of Michigan school of dentistry. He is the founder of Hope Smiles Uganda which strives to make high-quality, compassionate dental care available to all Ugandans. He... Read More
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53: Get your Personal Finances in Order with Reese Harper

Reese Harper is the founder and CEO of DentistAdvisors.com, a registered investment advisory firm which focuses exclusively on dentists and specialists. His proprietary planning methodology called Elements® is used by dentists across the country to... Read More
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52: From Vision to Implementation with Mike Bicknell

A diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics, Dr. Mike Bicknell attended the University of Illinois at Chicago for undergraduate, dental school and orthodontic residency, graduating in 2002. Now in private practice, he is a... Read More

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Who Waits on Whom?

What is the optimum way to keep your clinic running efficiently and on time? Most orthodontists and consultants would answer that the clinic and schedule need to be set up in a way to keep…

How to Set Monthly Practice Goals

The first step in setting monthly goals is to determine your annual goal. Growth in your practice can come from either an increase in fees, an increase in starts, or both. In a younger practice,…

Bias to Action

One thing that has quickly become apparent to me in my short time as a business owner is the paramount importance of making decisions and taking action. For many of us, this runs counter to…

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