Dr. Jeffrey Okeson has dedicated his career to educating students, residents and clinicians in the areas of occlusion, temporomandibular disorders and orofacial pain. He has been a full time faculty member at the University of Kentucky for 42 years. He is recognized worldwide as an authority in the field of TMD and orofacial pain, lecturing in every state in the USA and 54 different foreign countries. His textbooks have been translated into eleven different foreign languages and have become a standard for teaching throughout the world. Dr. Okeson is a highly sought after speaker and has given more than 1200 invited lectures throughout the world.

In addition to his two textbooks, he has more then 220 publications in scientific journals. He is director of the Orofacial Pain Center at the University of Kentucky which he founded in 1977. Dr. Okeson is active in many national and international organizations and is past president of the American Academy of Orofacial Pain. He is also a founding diplomate and twice past president of the American Board of Orofacial Pain.

Tune into this episode to learn about:

-How to be a TMJ friendly Orthodontist
-Whether or not orthodontic treatment can affect TM disorders
-What to do if TMJ symptoms arise during orthodontic treatment
-Occlusion and orthopedic stability as goals for orthodontists
-How functional appliances relate to jaw position and stability

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