Dr. Robert Haeger attended University of Michigan undergraduate and dental school. Upon graduation, he ventured west to the University of Illinois in the Windy City, where he received his Master’s Degree in Orthodontics in 1989. From there he and his new wife continued their westward migration and drove their Chevrolet Chevette with 96,000 miles across the country to open a new orthodontic practice in a Seattle suburb. Forced to sink or swim, Dr. Haeger practiced as a dental hygienist and general dentist for several years while he built his orthodontic practice and established his professional reputation. Dr Haeger is still married to the same woman who puts up with him every day, has three adult children, enjoys hunting and fishing and loves being an orthodontist. Along the way, Dr. Haeger has maintained a full-time, multi-site practice, became Board Certified, worked with two PhDs to learn business analytics, and ran the statistical analysis for the Schulman Study Group. He is a Contributing Editor for the JCO, is an Adjunct Professor at UOP, a practice management presenter at UW, has published several articles on practice management, is an active member of multiple inter-disciplinary study clubs, and ran a company to analyze orthodontic practices called Truenortho for three years.

Tune into this episode to learn about:
-Why metrics are critical to understanding your orthodontic practice
-Which technologies and techniques lead to clinical efficacy
-Dr. Haeger’s research on One- versus Two-Phase treatment profitability
-How to think about marketing your practice and developing an effective marketing plan

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