Dr. Ryan Shinska is a graduate of the University of Michigan school of dentistry. He is the founder of Hope Smiles Uganda which strives to make high-quality, compassionate dental care available to all Ugandans. He believes the ability to provide high-quality, compassionate dental care is a gift from God, one that we are to use to serve and love others. Hope Smiles seeks to use this gift to serve people all over Uganda, in the process equipping and empowering Ugandan dental professionals to use their gifts in service to their country. Under the leadership of Dr. Shinska, the Hope Smiles team of indigenous staff works to serve the needs of Jinja, surrounding communities, and in strategic locations throughout Uganda.

Tune into this episode to learn about:
-The difference between relief and development in establishing dental missions
-Hope Smiles’ unique model for delivering dental care
-Leadership techniques that can be applied to any practice
-Why values, vision and mission are important in developing an all star team
-Our opportunity as dental professionals to serve those in need

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